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The Insert Coin Stop Motion Video found on Juxtapoz. According to the notes on YouTube, this was made by “flyingpickles^NinjaMoped”, and according to me, it’s an exhausting amount of labor to make an awesome three-minute animation.


David Crowder Band - SMS [Shine] (via DavidCrowderBandVEVO)

I can only imagine how painstaking and involved this stop-motion-by-Lite-Brite music video was to create. According to the video’s description it was created, directed, and photographed by the band.


Subcarpati - Am crescut pe la Romana (by z00x)

Ionut Negrila and Mihai Calota created this beautiful animation of a street sign figure coming to life.

According to the artists, the production involved:

  • 57 stencils
  • 3 black spray cans
  • 8 9-volt batteries
  • 3 different light source
  • 5,313 photographs

INTO THE COSMOS - Architeq/Chopsy (by Chopsy)

Some stop-motion/pixilation for all the vinyl heads. By Chopsy Animation


Last Leaf

OK Go | Myspace Music Videos

‘Last Leaf’ by OK Go, Video by Geoff McFetridge

Geoff McFetridge on toast? For OK GO? Yes plz.

(via KN)


Ottawa International Animation Festival - Short Competition 3 & 4

Continuing yesterday’s posts, here are some of the shorts (or excerpts/trailers) played as part of the 2010 Ottawa International Animation Festivals’ Short Competitions 3 and 4:

Fumiko no Kokuhaku by Ishida Hiroyasu

Milk Milk Lemonade by Ged Haney

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Paper Mario Bros. 3 by Ryan Killiany