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Calling Paul E. Stinson



Paul E. Stinson created this image in maybe 1978, when the book cover it was for came out (Pillars of Salt, by Barbara Paul). Paul: your website and LinkedIn give a dead email for you….  Laine Nooney would like to talk to you about your videogame art in the early 80s. And hey! Can you do some more of these trippy scifi things?


Lybian Cartoonist Critical of Gadhafi Still Missing

Yesterday, news broke that four New York Times journalists in Libya were released six days after they were captured by pro-government forces while covering a rebel uprising in the country’s east.

However, The Committee to Protect Journalists remains concerned about 13 other journalists who are either missing or are reportedly in Libyan government custody, including editorial cartoonist Mohamed al-Amin and five other Libyan journalists.