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Interview with illustrator Jon Klassen


Yesterday on CBC’s “Q” Jian Ghomeshi interviewed both Terry Mosher and Matt Bors regarding the state of editorial cartooning. Trying to embed the CBC’s audio player is like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree, so rather than embedding only that segment, I was only able to add the entire 75-minute show. Just forward to the 4:00 mark and you can listen the 20-minute segment on cartooning. 

EDIT: removed the embed because it wouldn’t not autoplay. Here’s the link.


Hugo Pratt Interview (en français). I’m not certain when this was shot exactly.

He talks here about how comics are seriously hard work, if you’re doing it right, and about the intense research he’d perform whenever embarking on a new project. 

I’ve become a little obsessed with Pratt since arriving here (the apartment we’re staying in has, among many other wonderful books, 13 issues of Pratt’s Corto Maltese, which are helping me learn Spanish!), especially since I realized he also created “Jesuit Joe”, a sort of Native American Robin Hood, riding around the “frozen Canadian North” wearing a stolen RCMP jacket. Boss!


Emily Carroll, interview at The Comics Journal

Emily Carroll drew her very first comic in May 2010. Thirteen months later, she won the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Web Comics Creator. So go ahead, pull “meteoric rise” out of the cliché file and wave it like you just don’t care—Carroll and her comics have earned the term.


Drawn by Drazen: An Interview w/ Illustrator Drazen Kozjan | Fuel Your Illustration