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Sunni Brown’s TED talk about the importance of doodling and sketching is no news to us, but let’s hope everyone else learn a little something.¬†

(via TED: Doodlers, Unite! | Sunni Brown)


I finally got around to seeing Art & Copy, the documentary about advertising and creativity.

The doc doesn’t take a critical look at advertising’s effects on our culture. Rather, it aims its spotlight on the power of imagery, persuasion, originality, and the execution of an idea. And regardless of whether you work in advertising itself, I think all creative workers can glean some insight from this doc on how to best use their unique skills to stay ahead of the pack, sell their ideas, and ultimately, themselves.



The Future of the Book. (by IDEO)

This is an interesting look at what the future of books could be. Nelson and Coupland are intriguing concepts, but would they need to be integrated into a proprietary digital marketplace? Alice, on the other hand, seems to be nothing but gimmick.