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Chris Tyrell's "Art Marketing Blog"

I am SO delighted to see that my friend Chris Tyrell has started blogging again. If you’re a young commercial artist, he’s the guy who’ll tell it to you like it is and give you the hard facts about being a working artist. 

Not only did Chris write the wildly popular Artists’ Survival Skills handbook for working artists (previously blogged), but he also teaches at Emily Carr here in Vancouver, plus has been a longtime contributor to OPUS’ monthly newsletter (OPUS is a chain of great art supply stores out here). 

I’m now calling him for lunch, because it’s been way, way too long and he is awesome. 

The points below are what I’ve learned doing indie comics as a career. There’s always room for art for art’s sake, for hobbyism, but these are the lessons I’ve learned for those who want to escape that prevailing mood.

John Allison: “A scene that celebrates itself has nothing to celebrate”

Wonderfully simple, brutally sensible advice from web comic creator John Allison (Bad Machinery, Scary Go Round): Move, Grow up, and Run your business like a business. We don’t hear nearly enough frank advice like this in our fields. Good stuff.

Christoph Niemann: Short Deadlines Make You Think Straight :: Articles :: The 99 Percent

I love Christoph’s work too. 

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