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I was tickled to stumbled onto this tonight. PAL (the Performing Arts Lodge) is a retirement community for people in the performing arts: actors, musicians, dancers, stagehands, etc… Retirees living here are still working and keeping busy in the arts (there’s a full theatre on the top floor, and there’s always something happening there). Let’s face it, artists never retire. I visited last week and I want to go more often, maybe organize some art shows there.

Imagine a place like this for visual artists. 

(video by ECAD student Nathan Zeitner)

La Grande Promenade

My amazing friend Chris Tyrell, 62, is going to walk 1200 kms across France. He has been an integral part of the arts community here in Vancouver all of his life. I’ve blogged about him here before

He’s doing this because A) he’s raising money for PAL (the Performing Arts Lodge, a retirement community for retired actors and dancers here in Vancouver), B) he loves France, C) he loves walking, D) he’s getting older so it’s now or never, and C) why the hell not. I love this guy. 

If you can spare a few dollars, please do (I know, all the terrible crises around the world recently have been rough, and everyone’s asking for donations). PAL is pretty amazing, and so is Chris.