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Adam Rex: How I Make a Picture Book

The ridiculously talented Adam Rex shares his hilarious process for picture book making. 



I’ve been a fan of Vera Brosgol’s since I first saw her animated short, Snow-Bo. I finally got to meet Vera at this year’s Stumptown Comics Festival in Portland, OR. I saw her again at TCAF in Toronto, and both times she had copies of her new book, Anya’s Ghost, but I wasn’t able to nab myself a copy. Now that the book is finally out officially, I’m grabbing a copy as quickly as I can. Anya’s Ghost has gotten high praise from all corners, not least from Neil Gaiman - yeah that Neil Gaiman. I can’t wait to hold it in my mitts!

Concurrently (probably not a coincidence?), Vera has given her website a facelift, and it’s a great-looking site! We’ve been getting tastes of her awesome work through the 2009 film Coraline and more frequently with her blog collaboration with Emily Carroll, Fashion from Old People. Now with all her best work collected in one place, I’m going to lose an hour or two poring over it!