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Drawn mega-pal Meg Hunt has posted a gorgeous short video of her solo show, Cosmic Forest, currently up at Portland’s Land Gallery. I had the great fortune of seeing the show in-person last weekend, and… well, it’s hard not to gush over a friend’s work anyway, but this show truly is superb. Meg’s linework and drybrush and colors (the colors!) and the tantalizing tease of a narrative that drifts across the collection of work is just awesome.

If you’re in Portland or nearby, make the trip before the show comes down! If you’re too far to see it with your eyeballs, don’t miss Meg’s Flickr set, linked below.


Okay! So it’s a lovely Friday in Portland and one week later, I have lots of documentation from Cosmic Forest, including the video above. Again, all this stuff was shot by my awesome intern, and it’s a lot of fun to see stuff in motion. If nothing else, it was a perfect summer show.