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I recently went through the mammoth slithering piles of comics and books and minis I got and/or was given this year, and culled out the ones I didn’t have room for, organized the rest, and was left with a great big reading pile to start the new year. This one, Top 5 Boardroom Techniques by Chris Kuzma, was one of my favorite “gets” from CAKE, and cracked me up just as much flipping through it again. Some of my favorite minis are in this mode, a quickly delivered idea that grows larger somehow outside the context of a larger collection or smushed in with a bunch of other work in an anthology. 

This is not only a hilarious (and short) (but cheap) little mini, it’s a great introduction to Chris’s work—he’s also a member of Wowee Zonk with Ginette Lapalme and Patrick Kyle, and—conflict-of-interest alert—published by my own publisher, Koyama Press. You should just consider that extra endorsement though, and go ahead and buy the $1 mini