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Ever wonder just how these web comics kids make money? This snippet from the upcoming STRIPPED documentary explains it all, and it does it brilliantly with 8 bit animation.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this doc. With interviews from Bill Watterson and Jim Davis to Ryan North and Kate Beaton they cover the gap between the old and new as the art form navigates this shift in how readers consume their media.


Yes, I know. Kickstarter projects are popping up like pimples on a nervous teenager these days, and I know many of us are starting to feel the pinch of constantly being asked to donate to this project or that, particularly while the economy is tanking. Regardless, this one sounds pretty exciting and is very relevant to those of us who draw for a living: 

We’re Dave Kellett & Fred Schroeder, creators of the comics documentary STRIPPED. This film is our love-letter to the art form: Bringing together 60 of the world’s best cartoonists into one extraordinary, feature-length documentary. The film sits down with creators to talk about how cartooning works, why it’s so loved, and how as artists they’re navigating this dicey period between print and digital options…when neither path works perfectly. We want this film to capture the extraordinary people behind the comics you love, to show how they work…and ask the question: “Where does the art form go from here?” 

(via STRIPPED: The Comics Documentary by Small Fish Studios — Kickstarter)