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…how have I come to abhor the title that once so inspired me? The answer is simple. The word “artist” has no meaning as a professional identifier. It is an insulting answer because it tells the asker nothing. […] A person who is truly interested in you, a person who may become a customer, a fan or a word-of-mouth advertiser for you, learns nothing from the statement, “I am an artist;” the person is forced to ask, “What kind of artist?” Even the term, “visual artist” is lacking in enough specificity. The question, “What do you do?” is an opportunity that you should maximize. Your answer to this question should be a thoughtful and carefully crafted one.
La Grande Promenade

My amazing friend Chris Tyrell, 62, is going to walk 1200 kms across France. He has been an integral part of the arts community here in Vancouver all of his life. I’ve blogged about him here before

He’s doing this because A) he’s raising money for PAL (the Performing Arts Lodge, a retirement community for retired actors and dancers here in Vancouver), B) he loves France, C) he loves walking, D) he’s getting older so it’s now or never, and C) why the hell not. I love this guy. 

If you can spare a few dollars, please do (I know, all the terrible crises around the world recently have been rough, and everyone’s asking for donations). PAL is pretty amazing, and so is Chris. 

To calculate the price-per-square-inch of a work of art is simple: you multiply the length of the piece by its width to get the number of square inches, and then you divide the price of the piece by the number of square inches.

Art Marketing by Chris Tyrell

Fine artists: How do you price your paintings? Most of us have absolutely no idea how to price our own work (or we have a disdain for this task because we feel it cheapens our craft). Chris Tyrell comes to the rescue once again with his typically sound advice, and some very simple math. Say thank you.

Chris Tyrell's "Art Marketing Blog"

I am SO delighted to see that my friend Chris Tyrell has started blogging again. If you’re a young commercial artist, he’s the guy who’ll tell it to you like it is and give you the hard facts about being a working artist. 

Not only did Chris write the wildly popular Artists’ Survival Skills handbook for working artists (previously blogged), but he also teaches at Emily Carr here in Vancouver, plus has been a longtime contributor to OPUS’ monthly newsletter (OPUS is a chain of great art supply stores out here). 

I’m now calling him for lunch, because it’s been way, way too long and he is awesome.