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This looks so great! An animated-short anthology with films by Charles Huettner, Dave Prosser, Sean Buckelew, Louise Bagnall, Jake Armstrong & Erin Kilkenny, Eamonn O’Neil, Daniella Orsini & Joe Orton, Scott Benson, Alex Grigg, Conor Finnegan, Christen Bach, and more. These folks are doing it up right, too - when they get it all assembled this spring, you’ll be able to get a great-sounds pile of goodies along with the films, and you can follow the project on twitter and tumblr too.

NOTE: The trailer is ever-so-slightly NSFW, if your work gets upset about split-second flashes of animated non-aroused male nudity.

By the way, here’s some advice from anecdotal evidence and personal experience: make stuff you want to make - personal projects give you room to explore, and they lead to more interesting client work. Well done, Late Night Work Club animators!


Hey everyone, the trailer for our independent animation anthology ‘Late Night Work Club project #1’ just hit the internet!  Take a look and spread it around.  Check out the website for more info.

Scott Benson has done a great job organizing it all and I couldn’t be more pleased to be included with so many great animators.