And speaking of Nobrow, their release of Jesse Moynihan’s Forming is already on my list of books of the year.

Jesse, who works on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, has been serializing Forming as a webcomic. You can read all of it online, but it’s as a physical book that the comic really sings. With such a cast of characters, it can be difficult to to keep track of the bizarre story lines when you’re fed a single page a week. And turning pages on the couch will always beat mouse clicks at one’s desk. But the real benefit here is one of size. At 9” x 12” Jesse’s painted gouache artwork has the opportunity to be fully admired in a way that it can’t when shrunk down for the screen. Nobrow once again demonstrates the emotional power of print and why physical books are in no danger of being replaced by digital ones as long as they are treated like works of art.

Plus, it’s hilarious. Forming is an epic sci-fi creation myth that will have you chuckling like an idiot. Get a taste of the webcomic version, then add this bad boy to your bookshelf. And don’t miss this interview with the cartoonist.