There’s a lovely interview with Bob Staake over on Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. I always love seeing process evidence, and Bob has posted a lot of it over the years. One shocker from the post is that while he planned to take 43 days to complete his 2012 follow up to 2011’s Look! A Book! (not surprisingly called Look! Another Book!), it actually took him 48 days. If you have seen either of these books, you’ll be scooping your jaw off the floor along with me - that’s an incredible amount of drawing in a very short amount of time. Now I see why he is so prolific!

But the thing I’m most excited for is Staake’s new book, Bluebird, coming in April. It looks gorgeous, and the buzz makes it sound as if the story, told wordlessly, is touching and powerful as well.

And I’m sure we won’t need to wait very long for the next thing he is working on - keep up the amazing work, Bob!