The Great Showdowns vs. Silhouettes from Popular Culture

Titan Books has just released two perfect little square books for fans of pop culture and movie art:

The Great Showdowns by Scott C

Scott C offers up some of Hollywood’s greatest confrontations in the silly cheerful way that only Scott C can. I love Scott’s watercolour recreations of my favourite movies (a Back to the Future original hangs on my wall) so I’ve been looking forward to this book version of his popular Great Showdowns website.

Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss

Olly is the master of the a-ha moment — those deceptively simple tweaks to familiar images that make you wish you thought of them first. I first shared some of Olly’s work when he was still a student, so it’s great to see his rise to fame as a sought-after designer for movie posters.

A friend and I had great fun sitting down with both of these books and trying to identify the movies and characters on every single page.