I love Lamar Abrams' comics, both the Adhouse Books -published Remake and Remake Special, and his own Ferzan series of self-published mini comics. But lately I’ve been in love with Lamar’s Instagram feed. There’s plenty of the regular stuff you expect from that kind of thing, food, cats, etc., but Lamar puts up a lot of pictures of things he’s working on, from thumbnails to inked comics to digital work onscreen. Lamar’s style is SO stylized, but still so conversational and relaxed, that there’s something really fascinating about these little up-close glimpses of his work. Not to mention it’s really shown me what a strong draftsman he is, which it’s easy to forget when you’re laughing at his jokes.

If you’re on Instagram check him out, he’s “neo_rama”. Instagram is alone maybe in being one of the most popular social networks that it’s virtually impossible to link to from outside a mobile app (?!?), but there are numerous mirror sites, like this one, to check Lamar (or whoever) out on, from any device.