Comics Correspondence Course with Frank Santoro

Cartoonist and Comics Journal columnist Frank Santoro is about to start the second of his correspondence courses, with a deadline for applications of May 30th. Complete details here. You might know Frank from his books Cold Heat and Storeyville, or more recent turns in Sammy Harkham’s anthology series Kramer’s Ergot. Frank’s approach to comics-making is one of the more unique ones I’ve seen, rooted in old school printing techniques and renaissance-era “golden ratio” -type harmonic compositions, and increasingly based less on black lines and more on building colors in layers.

It’s fascinating stuff, even though I only understand about a third of it, and am only half convinced of even that (another ratio!). But if I had the time and cheddar, I’d take his course in a hot minute. I’m probably not the only one out there who could stand to look at his own approach to drawing and mark-making and composition from a whole new angle (I’m looking at you, Everyone). For more on Frank, I recommend his series of Layout Workbook posts on, which go through a lot of his ideas about grids and the harmonic points in compositions. 

Also hello! This is my first post as a Drawn! contributor; first-time caller, long-time listener. If you don’t like it, I suggest you blame… Frank Santoro.