Tom Gauld’s Goliath

Tom Gauld’s new graphic novel Goliath turns the classic biblical tale of David vs. Goliath on its head by telling the story from the giant’s perspective, and showing us that he mightn’t be such a bad guy after all.

Tom Gauld is one of my favourite cartoonists because of his ability to marry his dry wit with his perfectly reduced drawing style. Goliath is his first long-form graphic novel, but is a natural continuation of the work he’s done for the Guardian’s Saturday Review letters page, skewing art and literature with his refined stick-figures.

It’s also a continuation of the themes and parables of human conflict he explored with his previous book, the oversized The Gigantic Robot. I hope it is the first of many long-form works from him.

Be sure, too, to follow Tom on Flickr where he posts his weekly Guardian cartoons, and also shares bits of his process and pages from his sketchbooks. He has a full album of behind-the-scenes images from Goliath.